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Month: May 2022

How To Meditate. For Real.

Starting meditation practice

Everyday, thousands of people search for ways to start meditation practice. The truth is, they’ve probably been mediating their whole lives without knowing it. Forget about the perfect posture, complicated mantras, and the total emptying of the mind. It’s unnecessary when starting meditation practice. All that is necessary is two things we always have with us: Feeling and breath.

Sit wherever is comfortable.

Take whatever time can be spared, two minutes, 5 minutes, 45 seconds. Every second spent in meditation is beneficial.

Begin with eyes closed eyes, or not.

And inhale in whatever way is most natural , in through the mouth, nose, combination of the two, and then when prepared, exhale that breath.

Possibly on the next breaths, It’s possible to start to acknowledge any intrusive thoughts gently. Acknowledge them, but don’t think about them. Yes, grocery list I see you, but for now, I’m gently pushing you aside. Yes, work conflict, but later; I’m using this exhale to push you aside. Pretty soon, intrusive thoughts get the hint.

Continue for as long as it feels good. Stop when you want to stop.

That’s it. Meditation practice has begun.

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